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World Team Practice/Scrimmage

The Nike Hoop Summit is an event that brings together some of the most talented young basketball players from around the world to compete and showcase their skills. In the recent World Select Team practice and scrimmages, a few players stood out for their exceptional performances.

🇯🇲 / 🇨🇬 AJ Dybantsa displayed elite skill and talent, demonstrating why he is considered one of the top players in the country. His knowledge of the court and ability to find the right spots for scoring opportunities are remarkable. Dybantsa’s talent to take over games and seamlessly integrate into the team dynamic is a testament to his high basketball IQ. The future looks bright for this young player.

Similarly, 🇧🇸 native VJ Edgecombe proved to be a dominant force across team practices and scrimmages. His shooting ability, explosive athleticism, and leadership skills made a significant impact on the court. Edgecombe’s performance is one of the reasons he is ranked among the top players in the country.

In addition to Dybantsa and Edgecombe, other standout players during the practice and scrimmage sessions included Flory Bidunga (Democratic Republic of Congo), Zoom Diallo (Ivory Coast), Khaman Maluach (South Sudan), and Nolan Traore (France). These players impressed with their skills and potential, making significant contributions to the World Select Team.

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