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USA Team Practice/Scrimmage

Dylan Harper
He is one of the most poised and crafty players in his class. He plays with a high IQ, pace, confidence and makes winning plays. He’s not going to wow you with his burst or athleticism but definitely a stat stuffer. 

Ace Bailey
He brought the total package. He’s always been athletic and a great finisher, but you can tell he has worked on his jump shot and his range. He’s a very dynamic player that can score anywhere on the court. He and Harper will be a dynamic duo in Piscataway. 

Asa Newell
He played in the shadow of Queen and Cooper all year but this week he got to show how good he is when he’s allowed the space to showcase his full range of abilities.. He’s a very good scorer around the basket and showed a motor we didn’t see all the time this year. In practice he showed that he can consistently knock down the mid-range jumper and can stretch the defense.

Tre Johnson
Is one of the most gifted players here. When he’s dialed in he gives you everything in his bag. He was good off the bounce and was dialed in from deep but at times seems disinterested. 

Jayden Quaintance
He didn’t produce much in the scrimmage in the way of buckets but his attention to detail and his non-stop motor in practice was eye opening for a 16 year old. He’s aggressive and always attacking the basket. His development could become scary for his future opponents.

Cooper Flagg
Its not fair to judge Cooper on one week because of his body of work, but his game just seemed a little off. He started shooting it a little better in practice but was very ineffective in the scrimmage when the game was tight. It was rather surprising with his known motor that he wasn’t aggressive and had no major impact on the game.

Isaiah Evans
He’s just a natural, gifted scorer that can score at all 3 levels. He has to get more alpha dog in him. He seems to drift when playing with other good players. No need for him to play second fiddle with his abilities.

Ian Jackson
I like how he spent most of his games playing downhill, attacking his defender which was on full display in the scrimmage. With length and athleticism he also showed he can be a dynamic defender.

Boogie Fland
He has that typical NY game. He plays with the ball but makes things happen. He showed his quickness in the scrimmage and got in the lane with ease, while showing his court vision. His jump-shot is still a little inconsistent but I can see improvement. 

David Castillo
He’s a very good floor general, always ready to do battle. In practice he was focused and dialed in, which carried over to the scrimmage, where he ran the offense the way the coaches wanted. He’s a solid on ball defender

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