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UA Next Session 1, Part 2

Rock Hill, SC – The kickoff of the 2024 Under Armour Association during Session I brought a burst of excitement to the basketball scene. With 24 teams from the league and a few additional UA Rise teams in the mix, the weekend was full competition. It’s always thrilling to see young talent showcase their skills, setting the stage for what promises to be an action-packed season ahead.

Shon Abaev | 6’8″ | 2025 | SF | SOH Elite

Abaev has the ability to perform under defensive pressure and shoot over stretched arms of defenders is truly impressive, especially at 6’7″. Scoring 33 points in a close game against a tough opponent like the Illinois Wolves speaks volumes about his skill and composure. Being recognized as a top 50 ranked player across various ranking boards only solidifies his status as a promising talent in the basketball world. With his confidence on the court and determination to win, it’s definitely exciting to see how his career unfolds from here!

JoJo Philon | 6’8″ | 2026 | SF | SCE (UA Rise)

Philon’s versatility and impact on the court for SCE are noteworthy, not just because of his 6’8″ frame but also because of his defensive presence around the basket. Being that he was one of the better weak side defenders at UA indicated to me that he will do whatever it takes to win and make crucial plays on that end of the floor. As he continues to develop his game and build strength, he certainly has the potential to succeed at the next level. His defensive skills combined with ongoing development will make a bright future ahead for Philon.

Adrien Stevens | 6’4″ | 2025 | SG | We R1

Stevens stands out among the abundance of guards who aim to attack the rim. Standing at 6’4″, his physical play and the way he pressures the defense at the SG spot demonstrated how he can play at different gears. His knack for finding gaps in the defense without wasting movement sets him apart. Additionally, Stevens possesses a solid shooting ability, which forces defenders to respect his outside game, further enhancing his effectiveness on the court.

Chance Mallory | 5’9″ | 2025 | PG | Team Thrill

Mallory epitomizes the ideal point guard prototype. Despite his smaller stature, his ball handling skills are dynamic, giving him full command of the court. Mallory excels at creating his own shot, displaying a smooth shooting stroke whether catching and shooting or pulling up off the dribble. He can transition into a bowling ball when he gets into the paint and will get a runner up in the lane without sacrificing speed or control or drop the pass off to a waiting teammate for a easy basket.

Collin Paul | 6’8″ | 2026 | F | SOH Elite

Collin Paul’s versatility on the court, long arms and the ability to attack off the dribble poses a challenge for defenders. His ambidextrous capabilities make him a threat from any angle, allowing him to adapt to different situations with ease. Whether playing inside or outside, Paul demonstrates a keen understanding of matchups, effectively adjusting his game to exploit opponent weaknesses. Overall, his multifaceted approach makes him a valuable asset on both ends of the floor.

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