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The Tip-Off Classic, Friday Night


The Tip-Off Classic is one of the more anticipated events of the Spring. It’s a good opportunity to see how some of best teams in the Southeast stack up with a sprinkling of teams from as far west as Utah. Here are some of the top performers from Friday night:

6-9 F Tylis Jordan (Game Elite) has always shown promise. The talented junior forward showed that he is a multi-faceted threat on the offensive end with the ability to score on all levels. He can guard switches effectively but I would love to see him more tenacious on the defensive glass. I look for him to make a national leap in the eyes of many this spring/summer.

6-7 SF Shon Abaev (SOH Elite) showed what he does best, SHOOT. he can shoot if off the catch, curl and dribble and does it with range. He made things interesting against Game Elite because of his shot making ability.

6-7 SF Manny Green (Atlanta Celtics) is really putting together a nice offensive package and doing it with efficiency. Green didn’t try to out dribble his opponent, he got to his spots with one-two dribble into the pull-up, the catch or strong rip drives to the basket. His length and tenacity makes him a tough defender and rebounds both ends.2025 

6-7 SF Tyrin Jones (Utah Prospects)is an interesting prospect that affects the game in a multitude of ways. He’s long, bouncy, very active defensively, finishes well and guard multiple positions.

2025 6-1 PG John Southwick (Utah Prospects) showed range and a quick release last night. He’s a player that you must find in transition or your staring at made three headed back up court. Solid ballhandler with a good enough pace to create space for his shot.

2026 6-8 SF Chris Washington (BMaze) Has always showed his physical gift as a player but he is now evolving into more than that. At the UnderClassman AllAmerican Game he showed his ability to stretch the floor and make the right passing play, he continued that Friday. He finished with 25 points in the loss but his game continues to grow, and that’s a win.

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