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Shon Abaev – 2025 Stock Riser

Shon Abaev, a rising small forward in the 2025 rankings, is making waves with his impressive performance on the court. Hailing from Fort Lauderdale, FL whose family originated from Israel, this 6’8″, 200-pound player has shown significant improvement in his second season at Calvary Christian.

Averaging 18.6 points and 5.4 rebounds per game, Abaev attributes his success to personal growth and maturity. He sees himself as a leader on the team, recognizing the importance of setting an example for his teammates and guiding them to success. His focus on becoming a more complete player reflects his commitment to continuous improvement.

With an 18-6 overall record, Calvary Christian has its eyes set on both a state and national championship. Abaev, playing in the Under Armour circuit with SOH Elite, is determined to continue to make a mark and has garnered attention from various top College schools, with Tennessee and Illinois being particularly consistent in their interest.

Expressing his desire to win championships, Abaev is set to take an official visit to Tennessee on January 20th. In his college search, he emphasizes the importance of finding a school that feels like home, highlighting the significance of a comfortable and supportive environment.

Reflecting on his experience at the NBPA TOP 100 Camp, Abaev notes the positive impact it had on his game. Since then, he has focused on enhancing his strength, speed, and overall skill set. Grateful for the opportunity to compete with the best in the country, Abaev’s dedication and ambition mark him as a player to watch.

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