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Rising Star Alert: Q&A with Class of 2025 Guard Alexander Lloyd

In the dynamic world of basketball, emerging talents are the true game-changers. Meet Alexander Lloyd, a rising star from the Class of 2025. Currently attending Westminster Academy in FL, Lloyd has swiftly gained recognition for his polished shooting skills and promising potential. A key player for Nightrydas Elite, he’s already caught the attention of several prestigious institutions. With offers from FAU, Miami, FSU, University of Florida, Dayton, St John, IUPUI and FGCU, his impressive list of suitors is expected to expand further. In an exclusive Q & A interview, make5 dives into Lloyd’s early recruitment journey, offering a glimpse into the aspirations and ambitions.

Q: Whose the toughest player you played against this year?

A: The Hardest player I’ve played against was Cooper Flagg.

Q What’s the difference from last to this year?

A: The difference between last year and now is tangible. I’ve put in the work to become stronger physically and mentally. I’m more determined than ever before, which has truly elevated my game.

Q: What are you trying to achieve this spring/summer?

A: This spring and summer, I’m focusing on continuous improvement. I aim to refine my skills and build upon my strengths. Additionally, I’m eagerly looking forward to a successful high school season with my team.

Q: What’s your developmental focus this season, and what are your goals?

A: This season, my primary focus is on the team’s success. Winning a state championship is a collective goal that we’re determined to achieve. On a personal note, I’m aiming to be named the Florida Gatorade Player of the Year – a recognition that would truly mean a lot to me.

Q: What schools have offered you, and is any school standing out?

A: I’ve received offers from FAU, Miami, FSU, University of Florida, Dayton, St John, and FGCU. While all these opportunities are exciting, FAU, Dayton, and Florida are showing particularly strong interest in me.

Q: Who’s been recruiting you the hardest?

A: FAU, Dayton, and Florida are consistently making their presence felt. Their relentless pursuit demonstrates their belief in my potential.

Q: Are there any planned official/unofficial visits?

A: As of now, I haven’t finalized any planned visits. My focus remains on honing my skills and playing my best game.

Q: Who’s your favorite player?

A: Without a doubt, Jayson Tatum is my favorite player. His skill set and approach to the game resonates.

Q: What are you looking for in a program?

A: Im looking for a program that has a fast pace game and likes to be guard dominant.

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