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Travis Perry Q&A

In October 2020 I threw my first Hoopscouting Kentucky Open Run. I was told about a a freshman that was scoring in big clips. I reached out to his father who’s also his coach and informed me they were going on family vacation but would cut the trip short because his son loves to compete. Travis Perry is different. He came in by himself and from the door, he competed. He was roughed up, caught a bloody nose, and didn’t miss a beat. Skip three years later and he’s now the all-time leader scorer in Kentucky and committed to the University of Kentucky. With that being said, he’s the same kid that stays in the gym, working on his game and is just as humble. I got a chance to catch up with him this week.

What was the main difference for you between last year and this year?

“The main difference is my mindset on the court. I played all summer against the best competition in the country and the world, so just seeing how I stack up and what it takes to be at that level has helped me develop”.

I had the pleasure of recommending him to the NBPA top 100 and never got to cover his experience until now. What was that experience like?

“The NBPA Top 100 Camp experience was amazing. It’s a combination of the best competition in high school basketball with some of the best basketball minds in the game. It was great to compete against other top players and I had a good time doing it”.

Last year Indiana Elite had a great spring and summer, going 36-2 and capturing almost every event including the Adidas Championship. What was the goal going into the travel basketball season? 

“During the spring/summer the goal was to win every game and play hard every possession. In AAU it can be a lot of unorganized basketball at times, but the goal was to stay focused and play as a team and get the win at all times. Compete on every play.”

What are you working on this season and what are your goals?

“My development focus is on reading the game on offense and defense and continuing to work on my weaknesses but also my strengths. The goals are to win the regional tournaments for Class A and the regular regionals, along with the state tournament in both.”

Since i known Travis i knew he was a gym rat but never knew his routine and thought it be good for some young kids reading this to understand the work and dedication that needs to happen to reach your goals, even if your not the tallest or most athletic. What does your day look like?

“I work out every morning and night. During the off season I do early morning workouts and then a late afternoon/night workout. During season I work out in the morning before school and then a session after practice”. 

Last year they came up short in the state tournament and i saw the hurt in Perry’s eyes. I knew the answer to this question, but I still felt it should be on record. What was your take from last years run to the championship game?

“Yes, I was. I would trade the scoring record title for a state championship. I never dreamt of being the state’s scoring leader, but I’ve always dreamt of winning a state championship. 

Lyon’s is far from a one-man team. They are talented, play together and for each other. A-lot of people have them favored to win state and they have a target on their back with the best player in the state on their team. How are you handling that target?

“Our mindset is to play every game like it’s our last. We know there’s no do overs and every game is a moment we won’t have back. We want to play hard and compete every second of the game, but also have fun doing it.

I know his father personally and have watched him as a coach. Your dad has one of the hardest jobs in the state, he has to juggle your success and the success of the team and the chase for a state title. How has that worked?

“Being coached by my dad has been great overall. There were obviously times in the early days when we would butt heads but now, we know each other on the court so well that it flows. He has always pushed me as hard as he can, and I think that’s why I am the player I’ve become. 

On a lighter note, who is your favorite player?

“My favorite player is Steph Curry. That seems cliche but I love the way he’s always on the move without the ball and makes the defense have to constantly worry about where he is. That’s one of the main things I focus on, always moving on the court to make it hard on the defense”. 

Who was the toughest player you played against?

“The toughest player I played against last year was Reed Sheppard. He is the ultimate competitor who does whatever he can to help his team and he’s a beast, which he’s showing at UK”. 

I assumed he was going to go with one of his best friends on the circuit because of their battles in 3SSB, top 5 senior guard VJ Edgecombe but I definitely understood the Reed Shepherd choice. They will always be linked in Kentucky high school history.

This year Lyon’s was invited to arguably the best holiday basketball tournament in the country, the City of Palms. The team went down there and had a great showing, how was the COP experience?

“I feel like we left a big statement at the City of Palms, showing that Kentucky high school basketball is legit. We played two teams ranked #1 in their respective states and put up a good showing with two wins”. 

This young man has a whole town that loves and supports him. I knew the college pressure was on him so i had to know who/what was involved in your college decision? 

“The people who helped me make my decision were mainly my family. My dad and mom helped a lot and gave great advice along with some mentors and people who have always supported me and had my best interest at heart. Mainly my family, specifically my parents”. 

You had quite a few other schools involved but I don’t think anyone was surprised by your decision. What led to your decision?

“Kentucky was the right decision for me for a few reasons. From day one, Coach Cal and the staff made us feel like family and showed us we were always welcome. The opportunity to go in and compete against future NBA pros and even lottery pics every single day is something you can only dream of, and that opportunity can help propel my game. I also have the opportunity to play for the home state school and compete in the blue and white, it’s a dream come true. It means so much more to Kentucky kids to play for Kentucky knowing the history in the state and how blessed we are to have that basketball legacy. 

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