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Tampa Bay Thanksgiving Hoopfeast

Thanksgiving weekend was a great time for family, friends and basketball. Make5 made its way to Tampa, FL to watch the first annual Hoopfeast to see some good talent. The event was hosted at the RADD Sports Complex (Wesley Chapel, FL) with teams coming from across the country like PHHoniex Prep OTE (AZ), the Burlington School (NC), Ridgeview HS (GA), Calvary Christian (FL) and other local standout teams like Blake HS (FL). 

Here are your standouts.

Four-Star 2025 6’7” SF Shon Abaev, Calvary Christian 

Shon Abaev, hailing from Calvary Christian in Florida, has made a significant impression with his basketball abilities especially shooting. His versatility to effectively play multiple positions stands out as a key strength, allowing him to contribute across various roles on the court. His ability to navigate the game while dictating plays adds to his value as a player and makes him a legit 4 star prospect. Abaev’s basketball IQ ables him to be affective creating opportunities for his teammates and displaying a keen understanding of how to exploit advantages during gameplay. Standing at an impressive 6-foot-8, Abaev is able to highlight his exceptional control and dominance on the court and capacity to score effectively. 

Furthermore, his recognition as part of the First Team Preseason All-Metro Team by Make5 Media speaks volumes. Kansas, Auburn, Illinois, Florida and LSU are amongst the top of his offer list. 

2024 6’4” PG Jeremiah Johnson, PHHoenix (AZ)

Jeremiah Johnson, a 6’4″ point guard from PHHoenix Prep in Arizona and committed to Oklahoma State, showcased exceptional leadership and skill on the court. He was phenomenal managing his team’s tempo which indicates a high basketball IQ and a strong understanding of the game’s dynamics. Johnson stepped up numerous times to make significant plays when needed underscores his composure under pressure situations. His qualities at that position will make him a substantial impact on the court for his team at the collegiate level.

2027 6’4” G King Gibson, The Burlington School 

King Gibson has garnered attention for his exceptional blend of skill and athleticism.  Scouts and observers have noted his impressive play as of late and considering him a player who meets the necessary criteria and demands attention during games. Gibson checks the right boxes; skill set, variety of offensive and defensive abilities along with a high level of athleticism. This combination makes him a well-rounded and formidable prospect, plus viewed as a player with significant potential for growth and development. His current abilities coupled with his potential for improvement make him an exciting prospect for the future and a player to watch in the 2027 class. 

2026 6’5” SG Jermal Jones, Bell Creek (FL)

When you kick off the season impressively like Jermal Jones did against Thomas County Central with 24 points and establishing his presence in the area, it’s a good sign. His performance has drawn attention due to his significant offensive contributions, particularly showcasing activity and effectiveness around the rim. His ability to score effectively in close-range situations. and the proficiency he has around the rim indicates is a testament to his strength & agility. Jones’s performances are catching the eye of college recruiters and a potential for increased interest and recruitment from Division I programs.

2025 6’7” SF Joshua Lewis, Blake HS

Lewis, has been making a significant impression on the basketball scene. His inclusion on the pre-season All-Metro make5 team is a testament to his rising stock as a standout player in his class. Lewis’s strengths lie in his impressive length. Additionally, his playing style is dictated by high energy and intensity. The fact that Lewis holds offers from prominent college programs such as USF, Cincinnati, Ole Miss, Illinois, and Virginia Tech indicates that his talent has not gone unnoticed by recruiters.

2026 6’3” G Donovan Williams Jr., Edgewater HS

Sometimes it takes a second look, and with Donovan Williams Jr., a 2026 combo guard representing Edgewater it did.  Williams recently delivered an outstanding performance that caught the attention of Spectators, Scouts & Coaches. His display on both offense and defense was highlighted as one of the best among his peers that day.Williams’ performance was characterized by explosiveness, showcasing his ability to generate energy and make impactful plays on the court. His competitive nature translated into a high level of intensity during the game, contributing to his ability to stand out. With the recognition of Williams set to make a strong impact this season, it’s evident that his recent performance has solidified his position as a key player for Edgewater High School. Williams has recently received his first Division 1 offer from the University of Illinois. 

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