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Notables at John Lucas BeElite

Notables at John Lucas BeElite

Author: Reggie Burke & Darnell Johnson

2025 6’9” F Nigel Walls, St. Francis Episcopal (TX)

He showed at times during the camp why many feel he is one of the most skilled bigs in the country. Walls excelled off the bounce from the perimeter and showed his abilities to be a very productive forward offensively and defensively. After watching him for a few years now, i believe that he still doesn’t understand how good he can be.

2025 6’5” SG Shelton Henderson, JL3 Elite (TX)

His best attribute is his versatility. At the high school level he showed at times he can play all 5 positions. Strong and active describes Henderson play. He’s a true slasher and bully ball type guard. I like to see him show more patience on the offensive end. He doesn’t understand he doesn’t need to rush to get to his spot. At times he struggles with his long range shooting, but is pretty efficient in the mid-range area. When he locks in on defense he can be very disruptive.

2026 6’4” SG Adam Oumiddoch, Overtime Elite (GA)

He was on my watch list to evaluate in camp and i was glad i did and i was highly impressed. Every game i watched him play, he seemed to effect the game in different type of ways besides just scoring. He’s talented with some next level intangiblesespecially on defense.

2025 6’5” SG Legend Smiley, Garfield HS (WA)

He came into the camp as a known shooter. I was impressed with his playmaking skills. He showed he had NBA range on his jump shot. I knew he was a good defender but I didn’t know how versatile with his ability to guard multiple positions. What makes me comfortable about his development, is he has the ability to learn from one of the most talented players to play his position ever (Brandon Roy).

2025 6’6” SG Caleb Williams, DME (FL)

Last year we had VJ Edgecome & Mikel Brown from Southeast Elite (FL) come in and shine, this year they sent us Williams and again they sent a difference maker. He plays under control and at a great pace. He didn’t seem to get rattled at all. He played within himself and very rarely forced anything. I would like to see him become more aggressive on both ends. When he starts playing up to his ability consistently, his stock will start to rise dramatically.

2025 6’4” SG DeMarco Johnson, Southern Cal Academy (CA)

Johnson has quietly been making a name for himself on the West Coast. Although his game may not immediately overwhelm, it’s evident that he possesses the qualities of an exceptional point guard. Johnson excels at controlling the tempo of the game and consistently makes smart decisions on the court, which are crucial attributes. His ability to control the game, contribute both offensively and defensively, make the right plays sets him on a path to be a standout player. It’s clear that Johnson will be a valuable asset.

2025 6’8” F Messiah Springer, Uchenna Academy (ONT)

Has the skills to surprise defenders with his quickness off the bounce, especially going left. Highly impressed with his one dribble pull-up and his overall offensive fundamentals. At 6’8”, the Canadian showed he belongs and can excel in this game. Please don’t sleep on Springer!

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