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Hard in the Paint Showcase – Standouts

There was a lot going on in Atlanta over the weekend with three events happening, including national event, Holiday HoopsGiving, but make5 made its way to Maynard Jackson High School for this traditional event. Take a look at some of the standouts.

2024 PG 6’0 Cassius Watkins (Maynard Jackson) is the floor general for his squad. He pushes the tempo and he’s tough to guard when he gets downhill. The lefty also has good court vision and can pass the ball off the dribble with either hand. He dished out a number of assist to his wing Cameron Dover in transition. Watkins also knows how to get to the foul line, utilizing his shiftiness to draw fouls on the way to the hoops.

2025 F 6’7 Cameron Dover (Maynard Jackson) was extremely impressive all weekend. He ran the floor extremely well and is great finishing around the basket. He also knows his spots on the floor and how to get the ball in his spots to score. The stretch forward can also step out and shoot from the perimeter. This kid has a good feel for the game, causing problems for opposing forwards attempting to guard him. He’s a matchup nightmare, a D1 prospect that should see more recruiting activity this season.

2024 PG 6’0 Derron Lindsey II (Mays H.S.) led his team to two wins over the weekend. He controlled the pace of the game and boy did he fill it up. He finished Friday night with 26 pts, five assists, and three steals. He returned Saturday and finished with 26 pts, seven assists, and five steals. He shot the ball extremely well from deep, knocking down eight behind the line against a tough Cedar Grove squad. Lindsey understands how to draw the defense to get his teammates open looks.

2026 SF 6’6 Manny Green (Cedar Grove) has continued to add to his game. He showed that he can shoot the ball well from deep along with his ability to play inside the paint, utilizing his plus length and athleticism. Green plays with good pace and doesn’t force anything, He allows the game to come to him. He finished with 18 points and 15 rebounds in a win over Grovetown. Top 50 player in the country.

2024 SG 6’4 Luke Brooks (Decatur HS) is a flat out sniper. He can shoot it off the catch and off the dribble. The entire gym was ready to explode as soon as he shot the ball. He can also use the dribble to attack the rim and finish. Brooks gets his fair of rebounds as a good size guard and no doubt a sleeper in the state.

2024 SF 6’5 Alden Daniels (Decatur HS) is another sleeper in the state of GA. He has a beautiful stroke and he did not miss in either game. He and Brooks led their Decatur squad to two blow out wins. He is also an underrated passer. With good feel that knows how to navigate the offense to find open teammates.

2024 F 6’9 Ace Bailey (McEachern HS) is a pro. I’m pretty sure you already knew that but just in case you didn’t, here’s why. Bailey can do everything. Can score on all three levels, has a great touch on his jump shot, elite footwork, great court vision, good passer, great athleticism, poised, can handle the ball, great IQ. I’ll stop there.

2026 PG 5’10 KJ White (Newton HS) is the heart of this Newton team. They go as he goes. He led his team to two wins this weekend. The first game he finished with 13 points, 7 assist and five steals. He brings energy and intensity on defense. On offense he controls the pace of the game, gets his team into their offense, can get his teammates open looks , while having the ability to knock down three’s or get to the rim off the bounce.

2024 SF 6’6 Josiah Marsh (Druid Hills HS) displayed a motor like none other during this event. Marsh can guard positions 1-5 then turn around and play PG for his team. He was relentless attacking the rim and finishing in traffic or getting to the foul line. Marsh also showed an ability to hit the trey ball and mid-range jumpers off the dribble.

2025 SF 6’5 Deke Cooper (Woodward Academy) was one of the more efficient players over the weekend. He didn’t over dribble or use unnecessary movements. He can get to his spots quick to score. He made the defense pay when leaving him open on the perimeter. When they ran him off the perimeter he used a very effective one dribble pull-up. He’s a good athlete, finishing above the rim in transition and utilizes his length to cause problems on defense. He finished with 17 pts and the win over Holy Innocents.

2024 CG 6’0 Brandon Peters (Woodward Academy) shot the ball lights out from deep. He has a solid game on, or off the ball. He moved well off the ball to get open looks. When the ball was in his hand he found open teammates.

2024 F 6’8 Joah Chapelle (Dutchtown HS) is long and athletic. Chapelle is versatile and can do a lot on the court. His length causes problems for the offense, he rebounded the ball well, and immediately pushed the ball in transition. The lefty had his way around the rim, finishing with 26 pts in a win against a tough Osborne squad. Chapelle also showed the ability to knock down an open perimeter jumper. Mid Major programs need to take a look at this kid.

2025 F 6’9 Jacob Wilkins (Grayson HS) is Dominque Wilkins son so I’m not going to waste time discussing his athleticism. Wilkins can shoot the ball off the catch. He knocked down three and a few mid range jumpers. Wilkins had game the winning bucket and the game winning block on the other end. His length and athleticism is a problem on both sides of the floor. Do not, I repeat do not, let him get in transition. Also you better always know where he’s at on the offensive end and make sure your defender puts a body on him. He finished with 15 pts in a win over Sandy Creek

2025 PF 6’8 Amir Taylor (Grayson HS) often times overlooked on his squad but a critical part to Grayson’s success. He has a big frame and a problem on the post. He has good footwork in the paint and great touch around the rim. He can play with his back to the basket or face up. He finished with 15 points.

2024 W 6’8 Micah Smith (Sandy Creek HS) is another versatile player that I like to watch. The James Madison commit can do it all. Rebound, defend, knock down open jumpers, get into the lane and finish. He did everything he could to try to get his Sandy Creek team a win over Grayson. They fell short by one point.

2024 PG 6’3 Amari Brown (Sandy Creek HS) was huge for his team. He shot the three well and he was effective finishing when getting to the paint. He gave the Grayson defense problems all night. He was another big sleeper in this event. He showed up big time when the lights were on.

Other notables

  • 2026 SG 6’3 Jason Welborn (Decatur HS)
  • 2026 PG 5’11 Donovan Thomas (Maynard Jackson HS)
  • 2025 CG 5’10 Yusuf Bower (Maynard Jackson HS)
  • 2024 PG 6’1 CJ Hyland (Grayson HS)
  • 2024 CG 6’4 Gicarri Harris (Grayson HS)
  • 2025 F 6’9 Caleb Wilson (Holy Innocents)
  • 2025 CG 6’1 Austin Walker (Druid Hills HS)
  • 2024 CG 6’5 Kahmare Holmes (Archer HS)
  • 2024 PG 5’10 Tyler Baldwin-Hughes (Mays HS)
  • 2025 W 6’6 Ted Neal (Newton HS)
  • 2024 SF 6’4 Bez Jenkins (Newton HS)
  • 2025 SG 6’0 Tim Prather (Newton HS)

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